Test your vision with your target group before launching

Understand human behavior before making a decisions

We help you to choose the best tools and get the setup ready for testing


Eye tracking is the only tool to observe
what drives humans’ visual attention and
discover what they are looking at.

It is an objective way to measure and
find answers to questions about engagement
and attention capturing capability. It reveals whether
certain visual elements are viewed or instead ignored.

With these insights, you can optimise your design
and improve the sales potential through a deeper
understanding of where and how the important
content should be positioned or communicated.
We use two different types of  eye trackers,
remote eye tracker and eye tracking glasses.


By measuring brain-wave activity with
electroencephalography (EEG), we can measure
the immediate emotional responses to certain stimulus.
Integration with eye tracking deepens the understanding
of human behaviour.

With EEG, we can discover emotional responses
such as engagement, excitement, and frustration,
and we can see how it corresponds with your
intended action.

Interested in consumer & packaging research services?

We are part of Sense N Insight research concept.


Our consulting services help you choose the best tools and create test setups


  • Measure unconscious reactions
  • Make decisions based
    on measured data
  • Use in controlled
    test setup with virtual store
  • Benefit freedom of
    movement with eye tracking glasses
  • Get support and deeper insight for
    traditional methods
  • Increase sales potential
    by testing before
    market entry


  • Q: How accurate is our method?

    We use the most advanced and scientifically proven neurometric tools. We have chosen Tobii’s eye trackers and Enobio’s multi-channel EEG helmet, which we have been piloting with VTT. For our virtual store, we use several modeling tools. Our 3D models are made from print ready files, which can then be used for approvals also.

  • Q: Is it possible to make 3D visualisations and virtual stores outside Finland?

    Yes, all we need are print ready files and measurements and sample pictures. Then we are ready to start creating your virtual store.

  • Q: Can we have a demo or test your service for free?

    We can arrange webinars and provide materials on request.